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RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute Prepare for NIFT / NID Entrance Exam

RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute wishes students to be geared up psychologically and overall to start their journey in Art , Design and Architecture. To Get them ready for this RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute has brought out a few points which can help fresh candidates to get ready for their voyage.

  • Necessity of being creative is one of the common requirements for all design and architecture colleges.
  • Need to have coordination between thinking and representation skills. You must need to have at least that much of drawing skill to represent your idea.
  • Self-motivation also plays a very important role to get success. Find your concrete reasons and motivate and train yourself to achieve your goal.
  • Always follow the basic drawing steps while attempting any creative question i.e. work in light 1st to get correct proportion and do the finishing touch.
  • Work on various size of papers, you can practice on bigger sizes so that you can have better line quality and confident strokes. Which will get reflected when you would work on small size papers.
  • Practice as much questions as much you can. Try and crack as much previous years as you can. This helps a lot to understand the examination pattern.
  • Sketch everything whatever you see around you. The habit of sketching everything increases you vocabulary of objects visuals. It also increases you sense and capacity of perceiving things
  • Sometimes you need to be observant towards various types of conversations also like someone talking / anchoring / telling story or joke and you can also read graphic novels also. These all observations help you to enhance your story telling and narrating capacity.
  • Improve your typo graphing skills. it is always required to have a good sense of typo because sometime you might require to put your thoughts while designing posters/ banners..etc.
  • You always need to use the correct assets to achieve perfection in any field. Know the correct set of pencils that which one and where use, good quality of color pencils or dry pestles.
  • Do the study planning and time management, make time lines for study and follow it throughout your preparation time period. And understand the time management during examination also.
  • Get posters with all motivational thoughts to keep you on track and be in time and shape to perform.