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Director's Message


Since decades RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute has been a well recognised and a pioneer institute of entrance exam for NID, NIFT, JEE B.Arch & NATA. We have always managed to give the best result as output. RFS is a centre of excellence and tries its best to make its student excel in the field of design.

Today we are witnessing an explosion of talent particularly in the minds of youth who are getting attracted towards the field of design by visualising the evergreen future that can be achieved by using their potential. This is an striking contrast to the situation at the turn of the century. For over half a century talent and ambition of youths in design was dominated by society and parental pressure who wished to see their children as doctors, engineers, lawyers, officers, and wanted to keep their child away from fashion world. But now children as well as the society have started understanding the worth of design and not only that, the results in the best branches of NID, NIFT, NATA & JEE B.Arch are also dominated by the students of BIHAR.

Although I could foresee the mindset of people regarding career in design, which lead me to established this institution, the only place where one can get guidance for why, what and how's about the dream that they wish to achieve for their careers.

While many looked outside to an unequal world, I looked inward into my students mind, their talent and their passion for design to qualify NID, NIFT, JEE B.Arch and NATA Entrance Examination. RFS also provides quality study for NIFT Situation Test, NID Studio Test, Portfolio and Personal Interview.

The period of 22 years of the institution has seen significant changes in the social mindset. New realities have led to the emergence of a generation of Young Designers, with their reverent social views and refresh mind sets, are ready to turn contemporary thoughts into laboratory of experiments and innovations.

Till date RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute have always fulfilled its promise of making its student's future evergreen by providing them with quality study and guidance required for scoring the best ranks in NID, NIFT and other top-level institutes, and in accordance to that we invite you to come and be a part of us-RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute Team, get the best quality study and emerge as a top level versatile designer.