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NID Portfolio Preparation

RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute for Design Portfolio

What is Portfolio ?

  • It is type of briefcase, which contains the sample of any individual's works.
  • It is an organized presentation of an individual's education, workspace and skill.
  • Portfolio is meant to showcase your work, Ideas and skills.And to represent yourself without being present there,You must havethe skill to know what to include and what not to.To cultivate this sill in You.


RFS has a set of solution which will help you to crack this shell of portfolio Like:-

  • We suggest that always select your best &recent work, and present eachof them as a piece of art.
  • Its really important to show rang of work and skill, instead of putting too much of pieces of work.
  • Our idea is to make you out of the box, So that your folio can be a nerve racing experience for audience.
  • rfs thinks any individual should always cater according to the requirement of audience and to satisfy this our idea is to always check exactly what the college you are applying to requires.
  • We believe that for folio's we must have a good amount of work from which we can do the selection and for this our recommendation is to work till last minute and do enough of work so that we can do last minute compilation also.
  • With all best work there should be something, which can represent thetrue you and we and we fell that your sketchbooks are tool to thing to do this. so, we always tell our students to showcase sketch book also along with main folio.

Rfs Design Portfolio Guidelines Is Also Applicable for NIFT, NID, B.ARCH and NATA