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"RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute for the Preparation of NID Studio Test

All hopeful candidates appearing for the situation test after their selection in first phase of NIFT GAT-NIFT CAT prepare for Situation Test. Situation Test plays a very important role in the final selection as it holds 20% weightage. Situation Test comprises of 3-D model making, exploiting the materials provided to them. The materials may include different kind of articles. A candidate has to make a 3-D model within time limit of 2 hrs with given set of materials. Each model must be accompanied by a caption and a write up of 200 words. Candidate is evaluated on the basis of models aesthetic appeal, Creative and Clever manipulation of given materials and an appropriate write up. It is advised to spend first 10 -15 minutes of given time in thinking and drawing rough sketch of idea, before proceeding with making model.

RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute - 3D Vision and Creativity of NIFT Situation Test

RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute conducts extensive workshop cum classes for preparation of NIFT situation test soon after the completion of written test . RFS situation test workshop is designed to build a complete sense of hands of skill with sensible understanding of huge range of materials . Our module includes exploration of scrap material as well we a part of waste material management.

NIFT Situation Test , evaluates the power of hands on skills. How good candidate is in handling the different materials and how much they can relate with different materials, Creativity in using different properties of materials. Ability to think and act in critical situations. Simplification of properties of materials while making any product. Creativity, Innovative, Simplicity, Maximum use of given materials. How much clarity with concept or idea. In less time how good are candidate can execute the idea. Good presentation skills is also must .

RFS NIFT NID Coaching Institute - Materials Required for RFS NIFT St. Workshop

Cartridge sheet, Ivory sheet, Glaze paper, Card board, Bond paper, Silver and Golden paper, Corrugated sheet, Plastic sheet, Sand paper, Pastel sheet, Cloth paper, Kite paper, Velvet paper, Cotton roll, Florescent paper, Hard transparent paper (OHP sheet), Marble paper, Newspaper, Tissue paper, Board pin, Rubber band, Candy sticks, Straws, Clay, Copper wire, Ice-cream sticks, Matchstick, All-pins, Golden and Silver wire, Needle, Thread, Colorful clay, Thermocol, Marker, Bamboo stick, Nozzle pin, Button, handyplast, Double sided tape, Feviquick, Black and white Cartridge sheet etc.

RFS NIFT Situation Test Workshop Is Also Applicable for NID Studio Test

Carry stationaries for situation test exam center.

Short listed candidate has to carry some stationary along with you like pair of scissors, A-4 glass, Paper cutter, Compass, Fevicol (nozzle tip), Quick fix, Blue-black pen, Sand paper, Steel scale etc .